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Corten Weathering Steel

Below are frequently asked questions about all things Corten Weathering Steel. Find your answers below.

What is Corten®?

Product Handling Instructions

A588 OR A606-4?

Can A606-4/A588/A847 be welded?

Corten Roofing VS Bare Cold Rolled Roofing

What flat sheet/flat stock thickness do I need?

Do you recommend coil or flat sheets?

How do I install metal flat sheets/flat stock?

Can we apply a clear coat to A606-4/A588 weathering steel?

Dissimilar Metals and COR-TEN®

Does it come pre-rusted?

Can I buy COR-TEN®?

Is there a warranty?

Will the rust stain the surrounding areas?

What about color matching the screws?

Will Cor-ten® steel continue rusting?

What is the lifespan of Cor-ten® steel?

Climates not to use Cor-ten® steel

What does it cost to deliver Cor-ten steel?

What is A606 Type 4?

Is there a special type of underlayment for use with Cor-ten®?

What is Corten tube and pipe?

Will the ASTM A847 HSS Tube and Pipe rust the same as the sheets that I am getting?

How do I know I got HSS weathering steel tube or pipe vs standard HSS-hot roll tube or pipe?

Can I weld the Corten (HSS-weathering steel tube and pipe)? If so, how do that and will it look the same?

What are the typical applications for the ASTM A847 HSS tube and pipe?

You indicate that it is weldable. Will the weld look and rust the same?

How long will it take to develop the patina finish?

Where does that orange color finish come from in A606-4?